Mission Teams
These are the different mission teams that are available to be apart of. In the months ahead each of these teams will hold meetings though out the area to help organize the mission. Please contact the head of these teams if you have any questions, they are listed below.

Rebuilding Team:
This will be a team of 10 and 2 liaisons. one team will work on the Chalmette Baptist Church. This team will be headed by Bob (the builder - pun) and will consist of professional type individuals who do commercial construction. This team will concentrate their efforts on the Chalemette Baptist Church itself. Other teams will be made up of individuals who can do a variety of  small repair jobs. This team will be working on homes around near to the Chalmette Baptist Church, helping home owners and others individuals do small repairs like toilet installs, window repair, doing whatever the owner has a need to be done.

Evangelism Team:
John Dee Jefferies, Pastor at Chalemette Baptist Church would like to know how many of the congregation and people have come back to the area as well as promote a Vacation Bible School that they are having after we leave. The evangelism team will be going door to door gathering this information, and spreading the news that Chalemette Baptist Church is back up and running as well as invite them to the Vacation Bible School. This will also be a time of spreading the gospel, ministering and evangelizing to the lost and the needy of the area. The contact person for this team is Pastor Paul Drummond (660) 439-4714. Pastor Paul requested that I have a link to a page that has the plan of savlation shown on it for all to see. Here is the link.

Cooking Team:
The cooking team will be preparing the meals for the Hearts and Hands Mission Team. Three meals for each day will be offered. Part of the cooking team will also prepare food for the block party to be held on Thursday June 18th.

Block Party Outreach Team:
On Thursday June 18th, will be designated for the block party. this is a time of fellowship with the families that have moved back into area and for John Dee Jefferies pastor of the Chalemette Baptist Church to be able to visit with them and let them know that Chalmette Baptist Church is back!

Liaison's will be working with the work teams listed above and will be the connection for the work team to the homeowners, finding out the needs that the homeowners may still need. There will be atleast two liaison's per work team. The liaison's main focus will be making a connection with the homeowners in the area while the work teams are doing their work. Liaison's will be there to talk to the homeowners who happen to be walking by and answer the questions of the homeowners. Liaison's will be there ready to listen to and ready to share Christ with those they meet. Each liaison is asked to keep track of any decisions that are made to accept Christ as Savior. The reason for this is so the local churches can visit with these at a later time, to encourage them to attend a local church, to help them build their faith. The contact person for this team is Anita Sontheimer (816) 324-6168,  after 6pm.

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us - yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalms 90:17

Glorify God by Stepping in the Gap.
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